Bitcoin Mining Pool Exposed Online via Telnet Ports, Could Be Generating $1 Million vanaf Day

Bitcoin Mining Pool Exposed Online via Telnet Ports, Could Be Generating $1 Million per Day

Cybercriminals Embark Leveraging Bitcoin Popularity – Overheen 73% of All Bitcoin Sites Targeted

A security researcher has reported a mining pool of almost Three,000 bitcoin miners exposed on the internet accessible via their Telnet port without password. According to some, this network of miners could be generating $1 million vanaf day.

Two,893 Bitcoin miners left exposed

Victor Gevers of the GDI Foundation, a non-profit organization that coordinates vulnerability disclosures, very first reported yesterday that he has discovered Two,893 bitcoin “Thunder mining machines” left exposed online.

I see about Two,893 Chinese Bitcoin ",Thunder mining machines", online which are accessible via telnet w/o any password. Is the GFW down?

The security researcher says that the group emerges to belong to the same organization. Based on information found on the exposed bitcoin miners, Gevers told Bleeping Pc that “the holder of thesis devices is most likely a state sponsored/managed organization part of the Chinese government.”

Gevers very first spotted this exposure when he wasgoed attempting to secure internet connected devices running on default Telnet credentials following a massive online leak. One of the leaked IP addresses belonged to a bitcoin miner from where he discovered this Trio,000 strong mining network. Gevers believes that most of the affected were ZeusMiner THUNDER X3 bitcoin miners and added that he has “proof of other visitors on the boxes where they attempted to install a backdoor or malware.”

According to a tweet where someone has attempted to calculate how much this group could generate te a day based on what can only be called ideal conditions, wij are looking at at least $1 million a day, mining Litecoin.

Four) Then for all the machines accounted its

$1,096,447 income vanaf day

While it may not be a million dollar job, the organization behind this pool did act prompt to secure the exposed devices. Following his initial tweet, the group seems to have secured the exposed devices. “At the speed they were taken offline, it means there vereiste be serious money involved,” Gevers noted. “A few miners is not a big overeenkomst, but Two,893 working te a pool can generate a pretty sum.”

While Gevers is still investigating what caused this exposure, he said that most of thesis are not available via Telnet anymore. “Just a few are left, and I am keeping an eye out for those.”

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