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BTCUSD Crypto Chart


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I strongly beleve with the fresh upcomming bitcoin futures, the bitcoin gonna kasstuk 20k this weekend. So I sold most of my alt-coin holdings for BTC, last night. The last futures of the past week didn’t had negetive influance on the bitcoin yet. So people feel safe to buy btc now, their could be a real bitcoin rush. I expect most alt-coins will druppel te price this .

Hi traders, Here wij have BTC/USD on the 2H chart. Price recently broke the horizontal resistance zone, and has now retested the resistance spil a fresh support. Since then, price has had a brief term correction to the previous horizontal resistance zone turned support. If price successfully proceeds to retest the previous resistance turned support, then I am .

Be careful of the rising wedge presently forming on BTCUSD. A ample fall could toebijten very soon to reach 13000 then 10000.

I’m still learning this stuff. This is my guess for what will toebijten. Everyone is predicting a bullish run coming up. Im predicting a bearish one.


I think wij are at the top of the bubble. Low volume can’t cross the 18600 level. Expect bubble burst soon at least 40% drawdown.

South Korea’s Ministry of Justice plans to turn all crypto-coins, including Bitcoin, into illegal assets, according to the Nikkei newspaper. According to the publication, a South Korean official would have published a report citing various members of the government suggesting a total kerkban on digital coins. The unexpected budge, likely to face opposition from other .

https://prnt.sc/ho88wa This is a screenshot for the analysis. I will keep this idea updated You can find this coin here ter this very powerful secure exchange .. https://goo.gl/nX577n Good luck

Entry = below point 6 SL = above Five’ (if reversal confirmed) Target = price range (near Fib ret 38.2%)

– The success of Bitcoin Specie is indisputable among many users and operators, and the hard fork that permitted better use of crypto-currency spil currency and talent more agility to operations may have bot a determining factor te Bitcoin’s rise during that semester. closes within a few weeks. Albeit doubts about the acceptance of the Bitcoin community may waterput future .

Volume is being held on the buy side, but I do see it weakening swift, I am watching for a possible druppel down to low $17k BITFINEX:BTCUSD area then a continuation upwards, Volume has bot declining via the exchanges but Bitcoin has a habit of kicking it into gear when everyone least expects it. A druppel here to mentioned levels is not that out of the ordinary, .

I will update it if it’s active or not. Don’t open orders . Good Luck All .

It might seem unlikely now, but te the long term prices always meet with the averages. It is very hard to predict from where a correction will commence and you could be way off on your estimates. That said I think wij are close to a correction which will not make the chart bearish on the long term timeframes, but it will bring the price closer totdat he 50 and 200 week .

I know you call mij crazy to predict prices such spil 100k vanaf BTC, however I see so massive hype on crypto market that this is possible screenplay. Bubbles have one thickest kwestie – nobody knows when it will pauze. Usually bubles grow to the levels that nobody expect. Despite wij already reached unbelievable levels wij may only guess where is the top. I expect insane .

I think wij are ter the top of the bubble.

I know many of you already do this, but spil a day-trader, I vereiste admit it is wise to hold, permit progress to take place, then pull away once the profit is available. I know, many of you already do this, so I am admitting it is a good idea. Wait a day or two, or at least until the market is demonstrating bull signals. Then, leap back ter. Spil a day-trader, it takes some .

Trading patterns look a little bearish at 15m, the fud is there and its hot, one thing could trigger it. But also, this is crypto and could pump insane ammounts for no reason/tether.


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