6 Ethereum Classic Mining Pools Worth Checking Out

6 Ethereum Classic Mining Pools Worth Checking Out

One thing many seem to leave behind is that Ethereum no longer has an immutable blockchain, which is kleintje of the entire point of the blockchain. When the Ethereum network split into ETH and ETC, Ethereum itself became a mutable fork of the original blockchain, whereas Ethereum Classic is still the original chain spil it wasgoed created many years ago. A lotsbestemming of people have taken a liking to Ethereum Classic lately, and they are looking for good mining pools. Below are some of the options certainly worth checking out.

6. Coin-Miners

The Coin-Miners Ethereum Classic mining pool operates on the PPLNS scheme. They base payouts on the pay-per-last-1000-shares scheme, which means users will be compensated fairly for their contributions. It does emerge this pool fights to build up traction among miners, tho’, spil it has no active online miners according to the webpagina statistics. This makes it ideal for fresh users to begin mining here and help decentralize ETC mining te the process.

Five. Suprnova

If there is one mining pool almost all cryptocurrency enthusiasts are familiar with, it is Suprnova. The mining pool has always supported popular cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum Classic is no exception. Unluckily, the pool shows no hashrate for ETC mining right now. Even so, it is certainly a mining pool worth checking out by fresh ETC users, since Suprnova has a solid reputation ter the cryptocurrency community.

Four. MinerGate

MinerGate has quickly become a household name for cryptocurrency miners. The pool also supports Ethereum Classic, among other popular cryptocurrencies. Ter fact, their ETC pool is presently hashing away at around 8GH/s, and prizes miners based on the PPLNS scheme. This is fairly common among mining pools thesis days. Considering the total hashrate of the ETC network is overheen 7.6 Terahash, MinerGate is still one of the smaller Ethereum Classic mining pools.

Trio. EthTeam

Even however a lotsbestemming of people talk about EthTeam spil a go-to Ethereum Classic mining toneelpodium, the pool’s hashrate is only 9.35GH/s. That is not all that amazing, but they are still one of the more active pools across Reddit and social media. This means users who run into some unforeseen issues should have no problem getting te touch with an EthTeam representative. EthTeam has servers te Germany and the US, and pays out users on a pay-per-share onderstel. There is also a 1% pool toverfee.

Two. Epool

Epool has fairly a lotsbestemming of potential, even however its total hashing power is only 33.4Gh/s. That is fairly low compared to Nanopool, yet the pool has some big miners pointing their hardware to Epool right now. Te fact, the top miner has a hashrate of Two.03 GH/s, with the smallest miner still providing 7.42MH/s. This shows that Epool is an Ethereum Classic mining pool to anyone and everyone. They have stratum servers te both the US and Europe.

1. Nanopool

One of the largest mining pools te the Ethereum Classic ecosystem is Nanopool. They are presently responsible for overheen 1.25 TH/s of the total network hashrate, which is very outstanding. With almost Five,000 miners and around 12,000 workers, Nanopool has quickly become one of the fan favorites among ETC miners. Nanopool also supports a fair few other cryptocurrencies, making them one of the powerhouses of alternative cryptocurrency mining.

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