Mining software and pools Create a Thread Mark spil Read

Mining software and pools Create a Thread Mark as Read

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Mining pool software for huis use

I have attempted to set up a mining pool with my huis computers. I am running bitcoind on one machine, and the others, also running bitcoind , were commenced with –url and –userpass to my central bitcoind server.

Now, are thesis machines already forming a mining pool? Or am I missing something?

What other software should considered for a huis mining pool?

Trio Answers

You can create a private mining pool with just bitcoind. All mining software will work with it: just point the mining software at bitcoind’s RPC port and use the suitable RPC username/password.

bitcoind doesn’t know how to do payouts or multi-user authentication, however, so public mining pools require extra software.

From what I understand, you only need one bitcoind example on one machine, while other ones would only run miners that would connect to the bitcoind machine. Running more bitcoind than that is not necessary.

Spil for the software, you should look into P2Pool – it permits you to earn smaller amount of Bitcoins more often, meaning you’ll get smaller variance. It won’t decrease the amount of Bitcoins you earn on average however, meaning it doesn’t cost you anything to use.

Eligius offers SMPPS (low variance, predictable income) decentralized and centralized mining, but more relevant to your question, our mining pool software, Eloipool, is downright free and open source. It does require a Linux server, however, unless you have the Python abilities to port it to Windows (the main kwestie is epoll).

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