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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Best and effortless way of Account Mining

Team: I know that wij proceed to waterput our best efforts to mine existing accounts but at times wij get so engrossed te our day to day transactions that wij liberate concentrate on this significant opzicht. Collectively wij can grow rapid spil a team and inorder for each one of us ter the account to have the same understanding, rigour, passion and drive, the email below uses few analogies to drive the points and helps sink-in the aspects on account growth and management more lightly.

Four comments:

while i do hear thesis approaches from many, my practice has bot different. you may want to think about value based sales treatment (google selling to big companies).

It is rather interesting for mij to read this postbode. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. Omzetbelasting, attempt to add some photos :).

Excellent artcile. It sounds ordinary but is the only best way to do account mining. Fairly pertinent for Indian IT industry professionals.

Hello. I stumbled upon this nice lump of work while researching on Account Mining. I love it. However, I do have one concern about involving numerous teams/goes/representatives from numerous teams ter the initial business presentation/proposal. Doesnt this involve some amount of risk? Couldent some of them act spil the tegen sponsor? How to tackle such situations?

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