Blockchain error Getting wallet balance

Blockchain error Getting wallet balance

Blockchain error Getting wallet balance

UPDATED – Blockchain Wallet Available | BitcoinVox – Bitcoin News

Recently my Bitcoin-Qt client began crashing on start-up (running Mac OS X Ten.7.Four) what kleintje pc need for bitcoin mining. I wasgoed able to zekering the crashing by removing the blocks directory and letting it re-download the blockchain.

However, I don’t truly have time to re-download the forever bloating 13GB blockchain! So I attempted importing my wallet.dat opstopping into blockchain.informatie. Upon doing this, my total balance is now 1BTC brief.

When I inspect the transactions, nowhere did I send 1BTC from that wallet. And when checking te Bitcoin-Qt, the coin is there and verified. Unluckily I can’t dump the private key for this coin spil I get an error ter Bitcoin-Qt (I think due to my blockchain being out of date). Spil I wasgoed hoping to then invoer this key by hand.

Is there anyway around this? Ideally I just want to get my balance into a wallet like Multibit, so I don’t have to worry about the 13GB+ blockchain! Backup my wallet securely and know that my coin is secure and safe! Te a crashing Bitcoin-Qt with a forever growing blockchain I don’t feel too glad at the uur.

Presently available to mij I just have my encrypted wallet, and it is presently imported to blockchain.informatie with the incorrect balance. Any suggestions? I feel like I peak toe around a loterijlot with Bitcoin spil I don’t want to accidently delete anything I shouldn’t!

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